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Subscribe to America`s largest dictionary and get thousands of other definitions and an advanced search – ad-free! The Court of Appeal was correct in finding that one juror`s use of a dictionary to define the crime with which the accused was charged was inappropriate. Referring to the jury`s consultation of a dictionary in Niemand v. District Court, 684 P.2d 931, 934 (Colo.1984), we stated: “Juries are bound to follow only the law set forth in the instructions of the court; They are therefore required to accept the definitions of the law of the Court of First Instance and to obtain clarification from the trial judge and not from foreign sources on any terminological ambiguity. See also Alvarez v. People, 653 p.2d 1127 (colo.1982). The other jury`s question about the source of the jury`s instructions was also improper conduct that could distort the jury`s deliberations. However, as Niemand and Alvarez show, exposing the jury to additional sources of information about a case does not automatically require a new trial. Rather, the need for retesting should be determined by assessing the nature and circumstances of the inappropriate contact in light of the applicable standard. “Everyone smarter.” Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/any%20the%20wiser. Retrieved 13 November 2022. In support of his request for a retrial, the accused submitted affidavits from his bailiff and counsel on the basis of information they had received at an informal meeting in the judge`s office with the jury members after the jury had delivered its verdict. Both affiants said a jury told them that after the first day of deliberation, the juror asked a friend who was a legal secretary for the source of the jury`s instructions.

[1] The judge said he was told that the instructions usually included numbers indicating their source. The bailiff and attorney also stated in their affidavits that another jury informed them that they had consulted a dictionary for a definition of burglary. The juror noted that the definition troubled her because it contained a reference to theft. At a hearing on the defendant`s request for a new trial, the district court found that even if it accepted the allegations in the affidavits as true, the allegations were not sufficient to prove that the defendant had been harmed by the jury`s misconduct, and the court rejected the request for a new trial. A living trust (other than a living will) is a legal document that allows your parents or someone they appoint as trustee to transfer ownership or title to property to a trust. But they retain control of these assets throughout their lives. A living trust names the beneficiaries of the trust`s assets (heirs) upon your parent`s death. A living trust allows heirs to avoid probate proceedings, the legal proceedings by which a will is considered valid or invalid. [1] I am not commenting on the standard to be applied in a civil case where jury misconduct is proven. See Aldrich v. District Court, 714 P.2d 1321 (Colo.1986) (the test for deciding whether to admit a new trial on the basis of misconduct on the part of the jury or intrusion of improper influence is whether these matters tend to influence the jury to render a verdict in a manner inconsistent with the legal evidence and the indictment of the court); Butters v. Dee Wann, 147 colo.

352, 363 p.2d 494 (1961). The next 3 entries contain the concept of the smartest. A continuing power of attorney is a legal document that requires you to act on behalf of your parents and manage their financial affairs. If your parents become unable to work, you, as the agent, have the authority to make financial decisions on their behalf (the principal). The continuing power of attorney is in effect until your parents die or until they decide to revoke it. The power of attorney is specific to the state, the ABA Commission on Law and Aging has a list of laws on state power. A power of attorney is a very powerful document, see also the tip sheet Five safety precautions you should add to every power of attorney for finances. Caregivers are typically involved in a variety of care activities, which sometimes involve managing the care recipient`s finances and ensuring that all legal documents are in place.

If you need to manage your parents` finances, health care, or estate as part of your role, there are legal documents that must be presented to doctors and business premises to show that you have the authority to make decisions on behalf of your parents. In most cases of jury misconduct, the trial court should hold a hearing before deciding whether there is a reasonable possibility that the misconduct influenced the jury`s verdict. See Owen v. Duckworth, 727 F.2d, p. 646; United States v. Bagnariol, 665 F.2d 877 (9th Cir.1981), cert. denied, 456 U.S. 962, 102 p.

Ct. 2040, 72 L. Ed. 2d 487 (1982). In this case, however, pre-trial detention is not required for a class test. In light of the reasonable conclusions that are most favourable to the defendant and that can be drawn from the affidavits, we do not see how he could have been affected by the conduct described in the affidavits.

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