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Legality in the exercise of professional activity During the meeting, the results so far were announced with YoSoyLegal, an innovative initiative launched in 2016 that has the economic support of the Government of the Canary Islands and with which it wants to respond to the problem of clandestinity in order to appreciate and promote companies and professionals, which constitute the metallurgical sector and new technologies of the region. Canary Islands and within the framework of the law. FEMEPA and FEMETE have developed a WEB/APP that allows your future and current customers to request quotes directly or find the best offers and promotions of your company. www.yosoylegal.es For all this, I find this Femete initiative extremely attractive and interesting and declare: “I am legal” The employers of metal and new technologies, Femepa and Femete, have launched the campaign “I am legal”, with which they hope that illegal activities will emerge in these sectors. I must emphasize that users who register through the Internet or the application (www.yosoylegal.es), after registration, will have the opportunity to evaluate the services offered by the different member companies, which will have a positive effect on the products and services offered and the main beneficiary will be the customer. Undoubtedly, with this initiative, the end customer will have the last word, and it will be he, we, who will determine in which position of the market and the sector each of the companies should be. For his part, the president of Femete, Alberto Villalobos Márquez, recalled that his employer`s fight against the informal economy is historic. “For 40 years, we have been fighting against the devastating effects of illegality not only for our nearly 2,500 companies and professionals grouped within the CREM, but for all strata of society for the devastating damage it causes: unfair competition, damage to the environment, job insecurity, lack of defense of customers without legal guarantees, lack of revenue for the administration, etc.,” he says. If you have any questions or would like to send us your feedback, we will be happy to help you through©our company ±era Dña.

Maria Eugenia Artiles in the tlf.; 928.29.61.61 ext. 563 or in the E-Mail-yosoylegal@femepa.es This application, already accessible from a computer, tablet or any mobile phone with an Internet connection, is marked with the slogan “I AM LEGAL”, alluding to the legality of all companies that advertise it, and by the simple fact that you are a partner of Femepa, your business will be visible in this Application at no additional cost. Juan Carlos Betancor, Secretary General of Femepa, stressed that intrusion and unfair competition from illegal transactions are the main problems of the sector. It is estimated that 25% of the Canarian economy works underground. In addition to the PPP, the project includes a website of the same name, www.yosoylegal.es and implementation of other services such as more detailed information for businesses, professionals and consumers on the legal, environmental and labour safeguards granted by legal practitioners against illegal persons. The president of the Provincial Association of Metallurgical Companies and New Technologies of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Femete), Alberto Villalobos, an employer who created the YoSoyLegal platform, available both on the Internet and on the mobile application of www.yosoylegal.es, where everyone can find, contact and request quotes from professionals, was also present at the event. SMEs and self-employed in a legal situation. The user can also evaluate the service received, win prizes and benefit from exclusive promotions. It is an innovative project that offers citizens and businesses on the islands a legal system of buying and selling, while serving as a digital showcase for micro-enterprises on the island, promoting legality through the use of new technologies, improving the competitiveness of the sector while saving time and money in the allocation of services. Villalobos said he was satisfied with the results of the challenge to students to strengthen this brand to make it a reference of legality and useful to professionals and citizens. “They have achieved this by successfully certifying the collaborative work model between universities, students and companies, developing co-creation projects that offer real solutions to the challenges posed. Let us now continue to work together to defend, promote and raise awareness of legality and ensure real, efficient and effective cooperation between universities and businesses,” he concluded.

www.yosoylegal.es` is the website they launched and through which you can request quotes from legal companies in the industry. There can be no understanding or paternalism with those who do not respect obligations and legality. It is true that we have spent a few years slowing down and even reducing business activity, and that there are many cases where people have not been able to continue their professional activity but feel the need to provide for their families. I understand that, but it is unacceptable that, while one part of the social fabric bears the cost of a country`s survival, others exploit circumstances to offer their services unfairly, without guarantees and, in most cases, without absolute defence for the taxpayer. Therefore, I believe that this campaign will contribute to the normalization of the affected sectors, as it is a powerful tool to attract and retain customers who will not be accessible to those who are not legalized.

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