1 O Registro Legal De Uma Empresa

We, martorell Office Group Corp., have pioneered the registration of companies in the United States for over 20 years, for people residing outside of that country, as well as for small and medium-sized businesses that are already located abroad and wish to register a company here in the United States. The registration of a company in the United States consists of two phases: the first is the registration of the company in the state in which the company will operate, and the second is the procedure for obtaining the EIN (tax identification number). For companies that work with services, it is necessary to register with the town hall. In most states, this registration is automatically terminated after the company is registered with the Chamber of Commerce. For the other, the process varies according to the rules of each municipality. See how it works for you. To be valid, the articles of association must be accompanied by a lawyer`s visa. Micro and small enterprises are exempt from the signature of the lawyer, as provided for in the Statute for Micro and Small Enterprises. However, it should be noted that the registration of a trade name is not synonymous with legal protection and does not prevent a competing company from using that name. When two or more entrepreneurs or partners start a business, it is called a “business”. If a single entrepreneur composes it, it is called a “sole proprietorship”.

For example, if your name is Marcelo Silva and you own an insurance company, your legal name may be Marcelo Silva Seguros. If the legal structure of your company is a limited liability company, the name of the company will receive the Ltda in its registration. In short, the name of the company simply refers to the name registered with the Chamber of Commerce. The brand is the one you create to differentiate your products and services in the market. After the granting of the operating license, the company is already able to start. However, there are still two basic phases for its operation. The first is social security registration, whether or not the company has employees. To hire employees, you must assume the work obligations for them.

Even if it is initially a single employee or only the partners, the company must be registered with the social security and pay the appropriate taxes. However, when you choose Juridoc`s services, you guarantee the registration of your trademark safely and with complete peace of mind. Check out our platform on how to simplify all the steps of this 100% online process. [:d e] It`s important to understand the difference between the business name and registering a trademark to protect your business. The statutes are the most important part of starting the business, and in it the following points must be clearly defined: – Sara Muniz owns a candy store. Her official name is Sara Muniz and she wants her company to be known as Sara Muniz Candy. This happens in the town hall of each city. Companies wishing to devote themselves to the activities of industry and commerce should contact the Secretary of State for Finance. In the case of the Federal District, this approval is granted by the State Treasury Department, regardless of the company`s field of activity.

Once the tax option is ready and registered, your business can start operating legally. L1 Visa: This visa is used for the transfer of an officer, owner or partner who has been working for more than 12 months in the company outside the United States called the parent company. With this type of visa, the manager, owner, or partner can work at the office in the United States, and their family can also work, study, and live legally in the United States at the time of visa approval. This visa offers the possibility to apply for legal residence after the first extension. You will need to do a detailed search of the trademarks you wish to register to ensure that they are available. Shortly thereafter, you will need to apply for trademark registration with the PTO. Sometimes an entrepreneur wants to act under a name other than the company`s social ledger. In this case, a trade name is different from the legal name. A trade name is usually used for advertising and sales purposes. – Leandra Ferraz has a law firm and operates under the legal name Leandra Ferraz and does not intend to register another business name. Ask an accountant or lawyer to clarify registrations, licenses, and legal issues When you register with cnpj, you must select the activity that the company will perform. This classification is used not only in taxation, but also in the monitoring of the company`s activities.

Ideally, you will have one main activity and a maximum of 14 secondary activities. No, you only add whoever you want. At least one of the foreign shareholders must be registered with the U.S. company; A single partner will suffice. The company is characterized by a legal entity composed of one or more entrepreneurs, partners or shareholders aiming for profit. All these opening processes are simplified. Sebrae, in collaboration with registration and licensing agencies, aims to implement REDESIM in order to simplify and reduce bureaucracy in opening procedures. Thus, the entrepreneur has a clear entry of data and registration documents to formalize his business, which leads to the expiration of the duplicity of requirements and the reduction of the company`s registration time.

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